Spa Drinks

Belcanto Prosecco 125ml 7
Peach or Strawberry Bellini – your choice of fruit puree topped with prosecco 9

White Wine

Ombrellino Pinot Grigio Catarratto 175ml 6.3
Castaway Bay Sauvignon Blanc 175ml 7

Red Wine

Valle Antigua Merlot 175ml 6
Under The Sycamore Shiraz 175ml 6.3

Rose Wine

Bel Canto Pinot Grigio Rosé 175ml 6.3
Hangloose White Zinfandel Rose 175ml 6.3


25ml Tarquins Dry or Rhubarb and Raspberry gin served with London Essence Indian Tonic 6.2

High Water Hard Seltzer
Delicious alcoholic sparkling flavoured water, 93-99 calories per can, 5% abv

Lemon & Elderflower 6
Cucumber & Mint 6

Bottled Beers

Peroni 330ml 4.65
Marstons Pedigree 500ml 5.3
Cranes Apple Cider 500ml 5.95

Low & No Alcohol

25ml Tanqueray 0.0% or Gordons Pink 0.0% served with London Essence Indian Tonic 5.2
San Miguel 0.0 330ml 3.6
Cranes Low Alcohol Cider 500ml 4.5

Heartsease Farm Elderflower Pressé, Raspberry or Traditional Lemonade 3

Eager Fruit Juices (Orange, Apple or Cranberry) Half pint 2.6

CanO Water – still or sparkling 1.5

Coca-cola 3.4    Coke Zero 3.2



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