Thermal Spa Experiences

Our effortlessly stylish Thermal Spa is an aquatic paradise with various experiences to enjoy and explore.


Experience Showers

Make use of our experience showers before and during your thermal journey.

Bi Thermal Shower – The perfect start to your thermal journey, enjoy the combination of a hot and cold shower sequence.

Mist Shower – 16 nozzles emit a fine cooling mist, perfect to cool the body between use of the sauna and steam rooms.

Dousing Bucket – An invigorating drench of cold water to quickly cool and recharge.


Vitality Pool

A variety of features to enjoy from cascades, massage benches, neck and body massage jets and air beds.


Traditional Steam Room

Enjoy benefits of a traditional eucalyptus steam to cleanse the mind and body. The heat, combined with humidity, is the perfect way to detoxify and to cleanse the skin, warming the muscles and refreshing the mind.
100% humidity


Finnish Sauna

The hottest of our experiences, this dry room is great for deep muscle relaxation. Our atmospheric sauna has a beautiful Himalayan salt wall, negatively charged ions in salt improve our general health and are particularly good for the respiratory system, a session in our sauna is akin to a recharging walk on the beach breathing in the refreshing sea air.
Very low humidity


Steam Lounge

Our essence of the season can be enjoyed under a starry night sky, the perfect space for quiet relaxation and to improve circulation, detoxify and destress.
100% humidity
~ 45°C


Relaxation Space

A variety of poolside sofas and chairs to relax and unwind in between use of the thermals and pool. Credenza with fresh fruit infused water. Iced face cloths for refreshing and cooling between the use of thermals. Drinks list available to order.

Opening Hours

Monday – 10.30am to 8pm
Tuesday to Sunday – 8am to 8pm

How to book

Session availability and prices are available on our dedicated spa booking system.

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Use of the Thermal Spa

It is not advised to use the thermal facilities if you are pregnant, have a serious illness, heart condition, respiratory condition, high or low blood pressure.

The Thermal Spa is able to welcome guests with disabilities. A pool hoist is available for pool access and a ramp is available for guests in a wheelchair to access the thermal experiences.

Guests requiring use of the ramp and hoist can request this at point of booking so the equipment can be set up in advance and not impact the guests time in the thermal spa. A staff member will also be available to assist.

Unfortunately, we don't offer any treatments at the Thermal Spa.

For more information see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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